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В гостях у Черной Кошки
12.02.2013, 20:08

Jack Janitor

- Dear Friends!

Let me introduce my land lady. Here is she, the Black Сat. My name is Jack Janitor.

Before we start our party I'd like to retell you something about Halloween.

In America and Great Britain there are special celebrations on the night of the 31-th of October. It's the night before All Saints' Day and it is called Halloween. The name comes from all Hallows' (an old name for all Saints' Day) and evening. It's traditionally a night of magic, when all the ghosts and witches and warlocks (male witches) come out, so now people dress up in scary costumes and have parties.

Halloween is a big occasion in America. Kids dress up as ghosts and witches and knock at people's doors to play "Trick or Treat" saying, "Trick or Treat". The people in the houses must give them a treat (a sweet or a small present). If they don't, the kids play trick on them. It's a tradition to make lamps from pumpkins for Halloween and call them Jack o'Lantern.

The Black Сat. - Dear friends! We are very glad to see you. Today is a great holiday. Today is Halloween. I invited my close friends to join us at the party. It's time for their coming. Oh! I hear their steps!

Knock, knock.

Jack Janitor. - Who are you?

The Witch dances to music then says:

There was a crooked witch
And she walked a crooked mile
She found a crooked sixpence
Against a crooked stile
She bought a crooked cat
And caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together
In a little crooked house
It's me, the crooked witch.

Jack Janitor. - You are welcome. Take any place at our table.

Knock, knock.

Jack Janitor. - Who are you?

The Crooked Cat. -

It's me, the cat.
My name is Pat.
I like to eat a rat.
So I'm usually fat,
But today I preferred mice.
So I look very nice.

Jack Janitor. - You are welcome. Take any place.

Knock, knock.

Jack Janitor. - Who are you?

The Ghost. -

In a dark, dark wood
There is a dark, dark park
In that dark, dark park
There is a dark, dark house.
In that dark, dark house
There is a dark, dark room.
In that dark, dark room
There is a dark, dark chest.
Ih that dark, dark chest
There is a dark, dark box.
In that dark, dark box
Lives a white ghost.

Jack Janitor. - You are welcome. Take any place.

Knock, knock.

Jack Janitor. - Who are you?

The Spider.

- It's me, the spider.
A pin has a head, but no hair,
A clock has face, but no mouth there,
Needles have eyes, but they can't see.
A watch has hands, but no thumbs or finger,
A boot has a tongue, but it is not a singer,
Rivers run, though they have no feet,
A saw has teeth, but it doesn't eat.

But I have a head, a face, eyes, hands, feet and I don't want to miss your party

My motto is:

Seldom "can't"

Seldom "don't"

Never "shan't"

Never "won't"

Jack Janitor. - You are welcome. Take any place.

Knock, knock.

Jack Janitor. - I hear some strange sounds. I think these are robbers.

The main robber. - Attention, please. We are robbers! It's a raid. We're going to take away your money, get ready your pockets and purses.

Robbers sing and dance. -

Money, money, money,
Always's sunny,
In the richmen's world!
Oh, -o-o-o
All the things I could do
If I have a little money
In the richmen's world.
The sky is blue, the sky is green
Have you got a penny
For Halloween, Halloween (2 or 3 times)

Robbers play the game with spectators who must read a poem or sing a song.

Robbers turn to The Black Cat.

Ghosts and witches can be seen
Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat.
Give us something good to eat.

The Black cat. - You are welcome. Take any place.

Knock, knock.

Jack Janitor. - Who are you?

The Ghoul. -

Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky,
Hundreds of shells on the shore together,
Hundreds of birds that go singing by,
Hundreds of lambs in the sunny weather,
Hundreds of dew-drops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one ghoul left the wide world over.

Jack Janitor. - You are welcome. Take any place!

Then turns to the Black Cat. - Your Majesty! I think all our guests have already come. Let's begin our party! It's time for making our drink.

Jack Janitor reads and makes drink (pretends to mix magic drink - it may be tomato juice with salt).

Kiddies and grown-ups too-oo-oo,
If we haven't enough to do-oo-oo,
We get the drink -
The magic drink -
The drink that is red and pink!

The Black Cat. - Let's drink this magic juice and enjoy our party.

The Ghoul. - First of all, let's choose our fate. There is a parrot and a box with notes (for example, You will be happy, healthy and wealthy. You'll be the most beautiful)

(Игры см. в Приложении)

The Black Cat. - Look! Here is a puzzle. Let's find the answer. (чайнворд "Черная кошка", см. Приложение)

The Black Cat. - Now I think we must choose the King or the Queen of bad children.

Here are some questions for you. Let's answer them!

There are only 4 answers:

Never-1 point

Sometimes-2 points

Often-3 points

Always-4 points

You must tell the truth!

Do you say to your mother: "I don't want to have dinner, I'm not hungry", then take 2 tasty sweets?

Do you go shopping to help your mother?

Do you forget to say: "Good morning", "Good bye" to you parents or grandparents?

Do you forget to tell your parents about your bad mark at school?

Do you always rub away bad marks and teacher's notes from your day-book?

Do you bring home a kitten or a puppy and then ask your mother to look after it?

Do you promise to be back home in time and are always late for some minutes?

Do you help your mother about the house?

Do you give some presents to your parents or friends when it's their birthday?

Do you crib your homework from your friends?

Now let's score your points!

22-26-you are the best!

26-30-you are not so good!

Over 30-you are the worst!

Who gets over 30! Oh, you are the King!

May I help you to put on your crown? Take the honour place at our table!

You will be the King of bad children during this year up to the 31st of October next year!

Your majesty! Will you sign the order? We'll have to meet at the party next year.

The King (The Queen). - Of course! Be healthy and happy. Hope to see you the next year!

It's time to come back home! Goodbye!

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